Introducing Geri McGilvray Ė a "Color-ist"


Artistís Statement

The feeling Iím painting is my interpretation of the interaction between me and the subject. If it doesnít move me, I donít want to paint it. So when I paint something, Iíve already had an interaction with it. My latest series has been The Universal Field. The Universal Field is beneath our thought Ė a level of consciousness where we have the same intelligence, probably, as the ocean, or the whole biosphere. I really donít see those colors, I see a peaceful place that isnít cluttered with mind chatter. I work the colors until I love them. Iím a colorist. The universal field is that place we go between all the thoughts. Itís smaller than atoms, itís bigger than the Cosmos. Itís a place where all the intelligence is the same.

My colors are imaginative and come from deep inside me, extraordinary, not ordinary, but extraordinary colors. I work until the energy feels like it isnít just the thing itself Ė whatever the thing is Ė a person, and ocean, or a painting of all the energy beneath us. I paint the feelings and relationships between people in a Ďuniversal field".

My colors arenít from something I learned yesterday Ė theyíre from inside whatever energy that I have always been. If I was to visualize the source of life, Iíd visualize it in colors. I work until I have colors that I feel convey a meaning and are not contrived. Theyíre not Ďschool colorsí. Colors are energy. I work until the energy feels like it isnít the thing itself, whatever the thing is. If itís a person, an ocean, or a painting of all the energy underneath us.

People Should Feel Moved

I would like people who see my work to feel Ďmovedí; to stand there and feel moved, not just walk by. Maybe it makes them think about things. I want people to feel my work affects them.

"I live to paint"